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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  February 28, 2013 11:00am-11:30am PST

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the loss is personnel for the chief. >> butch and i watched the birth of our sons. he has been very special to me over the years. i saw him last week before i went to the chief's conference. >> a memorial is growing outside police headquarters people are leaving cards, flowers and candles in memory of the slain detectives. >> she was very easy to talk to. i can see why she would be a great detective. >> friend of detective butler says despite the seriousness of her job, she had a fantastic sense of humor. >> last time we talked she talked about her bullet proof best and they made a boob in the front and she wished she made women's vests. i cannot believe someone has the audacity to shoot them. >> the 35-year-old suspect goulet ambushed the officers on
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tuesday when they came to his house to investigate sexual assault. he took their guns and stole detective baker's car. the suspect was killed during a shoot out and was found wearing body armor. >> they put their lives on the lines. they have kids. they sacrifice all for us. it is amazing and sad at the same time. >> today we low pressure to learn more details about the suspect, his criminal history and what led to the shooting. the news conference will begin in about 30 minutes. we will bring it to you live when it happens. >> thank you. we have been digging into goulet's past and have dayed on his peeping tom arrest and his military service record. the pentagon has released documents to us detailing goulet's service in the marine corps for six years. he was also with the army if three years where he flew
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blackhawk helicopters and was a military police officer and received several medals but he was convicted of being a peeping tom in oregon. he had other run ins with the law enforcement there. we will have continuing courage on the santa cruz officers killed. we are awaiting the 11:30 news conference by santa cruz police and we will bring it to you live as soon as it begins and you can always get updates on our facebook page at abc news. >> there was a hoax of a rape on campus, the 21-year-old woman staged the attack and told police originally she was walking on a campus trail last week is she was beaten and assaulted. campus police issued a sketch of the suspect based on her description. they are reporting the case to the district attorney who could file charges for filing a false police report.
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>> pope benedict left the vatican today in an emotional ceremony witnessed by tens of thousands in romes and millions an the world. the resignation became effective minutes ago at 11:00 our time. right now, pope benedict xvi is resting in the new home, a live picture where you will see the guard, the swiss guards, are no longer standing guard. their job is to protect the head of the church. a few minutes ago, the guards actually closed the doors dramatically and left their post to head back to the vatican. nick is live in rome with the latest. >> pope benedict xvi has performed the final and most memorable act, historic resignation that could transform the catholic church. he ended it humbly. after eight years, a modest simple wave and it was over.
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(inaudible). >> from the summer retreat, pope benedict xvi closed the door and said good by to the closist advisors and a happy wave before boarding the helicopter and then a lap in the air around the vatican and a beautiful blue sky in rome. each step recorded live by dozens of cameras, which has never been seen before in the history of the catholic church. >> we are going to be living through right new an incredible historic moment. >> one of the moments, a pop heath the successor no one not even benedict knows which cardinal but he pledged unconditional obedience and sent a clear message to the people who will choose the next pope. the college of cardinals will act like an orchestra he says, in harmony and agreement. the cardinals could look for a
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good administrator, where benedict was more of a professor. he is considered a leading theologian but despite the long distinguished career many believe he saved the most powerful lesson for the final act. >> he has been a fantastic teaching pope and he has been teaching more in the last two weeks probably than in the entire time. >> the apartment is being sealed with guards and the papal ring is defaced and he is now pope emeritus and will spend the rest of his life in prayer and meditation. >> sends the eight-year leadership, and this only he issued the final feet as pope "thank you for your love and support. may you always experience the joy that comes from putting christ at the center of your lives." in the bay area, church bells
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tolled 85 times in honor of the pope's age, a special mass was held to celebrate his service. abc7 news news reporter, amy hollyfield, was there and joins us from the cathedral. >> catholics have mass here every day but a lot of the people do not go to massivery day, they came here, specifically, to honor pope benedict xvi. catholics in san francisco say they felt somber headed to church this morning. the mass at st. mary's was held to honor pope benedict xvi. >> i am feeling thankful and grateful for a man who has given a life of service to the church. >> the archbishop of san francisco diocese asked all hold a mass of thanksgiving for his service and for his long and healthy retirement. during the sermon at st. mary's the archbishop encouraged catholics to learn from the
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resignation. >> this act of surrender is a call to us to imitate the continuing search to do as you love, the will god. >> he is the right person for the job. i respect him resigning for whatever reason. i just hope that someone will step up and be able to continue his role. >> catholics this morning say they are also praying for the next pope. >> have to put my faith in god to provide someone who can lead all of us. the progressive, the conservative, and bring us together with some idea of how to love the world and serve others although we are all very different. >> we asked catholics who they are hoping will be the next hope and what they hope for the future of the clip and most did not want to go there saying they will put their trust in god.
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reporting live in san francisco for abc7 news. >> thank you, amy hollyfield. >> crews are repairing a 30' sing hole and cleaning up debris caused by a major water main break. yesterday we brought you the news a massive rush of water and mud damages twos dozen homes and two homes are yellow tagged. a 16" cast iron water main broke yesterday. 15th avenue is closed in one section to finish the repairs to the sinkhole. >> streets in san francisco civic center area are reopened after a bomb squad investigation. the streets were shut down at 6:30 while they investigated reports smoke in a residential hotel. police say a man tried to set fire to his room and threatened to burn down the building. he found a suspicious device in the room and authorities
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questioning a man in connection with that incident. >> happening now in oakland, the bart board of directors is meeting to vote whether to raise fares and fees for parking. if approved, the average fare goes up by 5.2 percent, about 18 cents a ride. parking each bay increases by 50 cents at busiest lots, which are needed to stay on track with inflation according to bart. >> federal workers warn of a problem locally if
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>> president obama meets congressional leaders tomorrow about the across-the-board cuts known as the sequester but leaders agree there is virtually no chance they will stop the cuts from going through. the $85 billion in cuts will cause flight delays because of fewer air traffic controller and reduce vaccines for children, furlough federal workers. that is just a sample. the cuts take effect in less than 48 hours unless lawmakers can work out a last minute compromise. >> i have not seen things done in two days in washington, dc in some time, and on the other hand the good news is the public is paying attention to this. government spending has driven our national debt to over $16 trillion. that is more than $52,000 for every man, woman, and child in
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our country. i don't believe the debt is a result of insufficient taxation. >> foam's meeting is the first time this year the president is meeting with house and senate g.o.p. leaders. >> the federal workers are furloughed we will see painful impact here in the bay area. katie marzullo is live at the fell. ing in san francisco. katie? >> i have talked with federal employees at the federal building and no one wants to go on camera as you might imagine, it is a sensitive subject but one man said his department would be affected. he and the co-workers are paid differently but some of them could be furloughed right away. that would impact his job, as well, because if they are not doing their job, he cannot do his job. another woman said she has worked many years and threatened with furloughs more than once and it never materialized. many say they have not been told much about it until this point but they certainly expect to know more about it tomorrow at
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the latest. we know the furloughs reached beyond the federal building here in san francisco, we know the f.a.a. furloughs could impact local airports such as sfo, could lead to flight delays for passengers and also, four air control towers are at risk of closing, and defense jobs are on the line, 64,000 jobs, civilian defense jobs, could be furlough ed throughout california. locally, we have two. 1,200 teaching or teacher aid jobs could be facing furloughs, and less money for more than 300 schools throughout california. also, fewer head start programs for the youngest of students, and even the usda could see employees furloughed. here's the inspectors who inspect our food supply. keep that in mind. if you would like to read more about this, the white house report on the impact of the
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sequester on california is on our website and you can go to abc7 news a report from the white house. republicans at this time are saying a lot of these threats are being overhypeed. >> mike nicco has the forecast. mike? >> as we come up on 11:17 you can see the haze. today is the last day of the winter "spare the air" season and we have had ten so far. thank you for the warnings. we have rain in the forecast and in snow. i will show you the two chances in the seven-day outlook. >> and a new push to get treatment for people with autism, a law that some insurance companies are not
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>> santa rosa, berkeley, san jose and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> california state officials are going after insurance companies for not covering treatments for autism patients. insurance commissioner dave jones is proposing emergency regulations to force insurers to pay for behavioral therapies for autism. state lawmakers passed the law but say they are getting complaints treatments are not being covered.
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treatments can cost up to $50,000 a year. >> i got hazy sunshine. is it warm, mike? >> absolutely, running two to nine degrees warmer than this time yesterday. this still is not going to be the hottest day in the forecast. that is tomorrow. a lot of people may be kicking off early tomorrow afternoon. now, outside, you can see how beautiful the sun is, and a little bit of haze is hanging around, live doppler 7 hd showing sprinkles this morning from midnight through 2:30 in the north bay but it did not amount to anything measurable but it was a surge of warm air that came in. santa cruz looks great, how no one is on beach right now but that will change. right now, in san francisco, 60. oakland is vine. san jose is secretary. petaluma is 63. let me forward this, from santa rosa, 64, fairfield at 63,
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concord 62 and gilroy at 63. here we are looking at what will happen law this forecast cycle. today, you can see the high clouds are giving away to warm afternoon sunshine. it will be cloudy at the coast, and some of that will spill into our neighborhoods and making it mild, sprinkles are possible on saturday and better chance on tuesday and wednesday of next week. here is mount tamalpais, the clouds are gathering and that will spill in during the overnight hours and keep it up tonight. today, we are three to nine degrees warmer compared to average. that will be the case going forward tomorrow. also, for highs we are running in the upper 60's and 70's, los gatos and morgan hill down in the santa clara valley. up the peninsula we start at 68 in los altos, and downtown will
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reach 66. 65 in sausalito and low 70's through the north bay valley and not so breezy as the beaches but temperatures only in the upper 60's. san leandro at 65 and same if union city. concord is 69, and everyone else in the low-to-mid 70's in the east bay valley of the tonight, clouds gather along the coast at 59 at half moon bay and 50 in richmond and san francisco and a few clouds will make it inland but there is no rain, no drizzle associated with that. the two areas of high pressure are getting stronger as the front is closer with high pressure clock-wise fashion and that is putting the warm weather in our forecast. now, for tomorrow, you can see the clouds along the coast a few in the bay headed to the afternoon hours and sunshine will keep an eye out to the west, though, headed to friday night into saturday morning and the clouds are coming in and another mild morning, and then, in the afternoon hours it is
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clouds and there are the sprinkles for saturday night, barely reaching the north bay. so that system passes us. it knocks our temperatures down for sunday. the cooling trend continues on monday. look at tuesday and wednesday, we will be 10- to 15-degrees cooler with rain most likely on wednesday. >> thank you, mike. still ahead on abc7 news at 11 the santa cruz police department is about to update us on the investigation into the shooting deaths of two officers. we will bring that to you live in five
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we are waiting for the news conference to start in santa cruz in the investigation . killings of two officers. this is a live
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>> good morning, i am cheryl jennings along with kristen sze. we are standing by live in the conference of the shooting death of two police officers. the big side community is reeling from the shooting of the officers on tuesday. as cheryl mentioned the santa cruz police department and county sheriff will hold a
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news conference and announce plans for a community memorial service and a fund to help the officer's families. at the same time outside of police headquarters a memorial for the officers continuing to grow and residents placed cards and flower light candles in honor of them. sergeant lauren butch baker 51 years old and detective elizabeth butler, first officers ever to be killed in the santa cruz police department 150 year history. that is expected to begin shortly . the sheriff will depive the information on the investigation of the murder. the podium is all set in front of the police department. you can see the microphones right there and shortly any minute now they are giving us an update. sergeant baker and detective butler was shot to death


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